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Missed the live event? Don’t worry! You can get permanent access to 30+ awesome creative workshops, bonus video content and 100+ exclusive premium assets with the with the Official Event Pack!

The Official Event Pack allows you to follow along with the workshops at any time, and at your own pace, alongside a huge collection of assets that will help you get the very best out of the workshops.

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30+ Expert Video Workshops

Business and Branding Workshops

Business and Branding Workshops
Chris Do
Freelancing Masterclass: Purpose, Pricing and Proven Sales Techniques
Michael Janda
How To Qualify Clients And Choose The Right Opportunities For Your Business
James Martin
The Ultimate Guide to Managing Client Projects
Gareth David
Create a 3D Chisel Type Poster Design Using Photoshop
Asha Mody
Packaging Design: Branding And Breaking Through The Competitive Clutter
Scotty Russell
Time Management Tips For Creative Side Hustlers

Illustration and Digital Painting Workshops

Floortje Visser
Greatest Tips For Achieving Realism In Procreate
Lisa Glanz
How To Create An Adorable Mouse In Procreate
Godwin Akpan
How To Use Photo Textures To Create An Epic Landscape
Hank Washington
How To Animate Illustrations Using Photoshop And After Effects
Pope Phoenix
How To Create A Vector Portrait In Illustrator
Addie Hanson
3 Ways To Illustrate a Tree Using Procreate
Nathan Brown
How To Create A Realistic Watercolor Owl Painting
Abbie Nurse
Digital Printing Techniques In Procreate
Dan Flores
How To Apply Vector Artwork To Product Mockups
Teela Cunningham
How To Paint A Beautiful Bouquet In Procreate Using Gouache
Illustration and Digital Painting Workshops

Digital Lettering Workshops

Digital Lettering Workshops
Belinda Kou
How to Master Decorative Lettering
How To Create 3D Lettering In Procreate
Peggy Dean
How To Create Fun Vibrant 3D Lettering In Procreate
Loveleigh Loops
The Fundamentals of Digital Calligraphy
Ian Barnard
Experimental Lettering In Procreate
Stefan Kunz
How To Create Lettering Compositions In Procreate
Tamer Ghoneim
A Complete Guide To Creating Blacklettering In Procreate
Debi Sementelli
How to Embelish Your Digital Lettering
Molly Suber-Thorpe
Lettering Flourishing Masterclass In Procreate

Photo Manipulation and Digital Scrapbooking Workshops

Leslie Nicole
How To Combine Textures And Photography Using Lightroom And Photoshop
Jesús Ramirez
A Guide To Compositing Techniques For Photoshop
Colin Smith
Photo Manipulation Masterclass In Photoshop
Denise Love
Shooting And Editing Still Life Photography With Lightroom
Khara Plicanic
How To Create Mandalas In Photoshop Using Symmetry Tools
Anna Aspnes
Creating Beautiful Scrapbooking Compositions In Photoshop
Photo Manipulation and Digital Scrapbooking Workshops

100+ Digital Resources (Worth over $300)

Incredible Product Sample Packs

We've assembled a collection of amazingly useful and inspiring taster products from some outstanding designers, all included as part of your Create More Live Event Pack!

Festival Lights - 10 Beautiful Textures
2 Lil Owls
10 Vintage French Graphics
French Kiss Collections
Artsy Cameras - 4 Overlay Brushes
Anna Aspnes
10 Lettering Frames for Procreate
Debi Sementelli
Watermelon Font
Lisa Glanz
5 Lettering Brushes for Procreate
Gothic Calligraphy Procreate Brush Toolkit
Tamer Ghoneim
The Ultimate Lettering and Calligraphy Procreate Kit - Taster Collection
Molly Suber-Thorpe

BONUS Video Workshops

Nathan Brown - Bonus Digital Painting Workshop
Nathan Brown: Fundamental Lessons For Procreate Watercolor Painting

Two lessons from Nathan's forthcoming course in watercolor painting; including an introduction to  digital watercolor and the importance of value contrast. Procreate brushes to use with the lessons are also included.

Nathan Brown - Bonus Digital Painting Workshop
Colin Smith: How To Use Channel Pulls In Photoshop To Enhance Images

This lesson gives you the techniques and tips for adapting and changing hues of colour and accents across different areas of an image using a variety of channel pulls; including a demonstration of quick mask and other tools.

Nathan Brown - Bonus Digital Painting Workshop
Michael Janda: Finding Cold Leads For Your Creative Business

This lesson is a walk through of a variety of different methods that you can use to find clients through completely cold relationships (i.e. people you have never met); including strategies, scripts, and advice to help maximize cold opportunities.

Nathan Brown - Bonus Digital Painting Workshop
Jesús Ramirez: Perspective In Compositing

This lesson takes you through the most useful steps when creating perspective in photo compositions. You will learn how to create a 3D perspective out of 2D images in Photoshop.


Professional Quality Digital Brush Sets

Professional Quality Digital Brush Sets
Lisa Glanz Artistic Brush Selection
Nathan Brown Digital Painting Set
Procreate Trees Brush Set
Peggy Dean Lettering Brush
Procreate Print Pack Brushes
Shoutbam Texturing Brushes
Ian Barnard Lettering Brush Set Sample
Debbie Sementelli: 44 Embellishing Stamps and Brushes
Illustration Brush Pack for Procreate

Super Useful Worksheets and Workbooks

How to Qualify a Project Opportunity: New Project Analysis Worksheet
Side Hustler's Handbook: Time Management Exercises
Molly Suber Thorpe: 26 Page Flourishing Workbook
New Client Project Interview Template
Tamer Ghoneim: Lettering Worksheets
Loveleigh Loops: Flourish Practice Words
Packaging Pre-Design Checklist
Peggy Dean: Color Worksheet
Packaging Design Trends 2021 Guide
Super Useful Worksheets and Workbooks

Dozens of High Quality Bonus Assets

 Dozens of High Quality Bonus Assets
Peggy Dean: 15 Colour Palettes
Tree Swatches
Loveleigh Loops: Procreate Guidelines
2 Lil Owls: Lightroom Presets
Frenchkiss Textures: 19 Textures
Anna Aspnes: Scrapbooking Composition Document and Assets

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