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Meet The Speakers

Stefan Kunz

How To Create Lettering Compositions In Procreate

Letterer, designer, and illustrator, Stefan Kunz inspires imagination through typography and digital design.

Having collaborated with clients such as Asics, Adobe, Apple, Coca-Cola, Bombay Sapphire, Nokia, Hallmark and Microsoft, to name a few, it's no surprise that Stefan is known as one of the top letterers in the industry. He has also published “The Art of Lettering” and “You Are God’s Masterpiece”, focused on typographical design.

With such an accolade of accomplishments, who better to teach you how to create the perfect lettering composition; in this workshop Stefan will help you understand how to place each element for the perfect impression.

Floortje Visser

Greatest Tips For Achieving Realism In Procreate

As both an incredible digital artist and teacher, Flo uses her knowledge and skills to help you get the most out of Procreate for your creative ventures and spends a good proportion of her time creating handy, cool, easy-to-use digital art brushes to help designers make their mark.

If you’re looking to enhance your artwork, look no further, using a cake as an example, Flo will be teaching clear and actionable tips to help tackle the common design challenge of realism. We’re hungry for this knowledge and if you are too, this is a workshop for you.

Lisa Glanz

How To Create An Adorable Mouse In Procreate

The immensely talented Lisa Glanz is an artist, Honest Designers co-host and designer of all things cute and fuzzy. One of our absolute favourite illustrators in the creative world Lisa’s whimsical graphics add magic and joy to creative projects around the globe.

In this workshop Lisa will be showing us her techniques for creating loveable characters. Follow along and get an insight into how magic is created in the form of a little Mouse.

Chris Do

Freelancing Masterclass: Purpose, Pricing and Proven Sales Techniques

CEO and Founder of ‘The Futur’ an online education platform with the mission of teaching 1 billion people how to make a living doing what they love, Chris Do is a creative force.

Taking time out of his hectic schedule, in this workshop Chris shares his wisdom for all creatives on some of the fundamentals many find challenging in the world of business; purpose, pricing and sales. For any creative working commercially, or looking to work commercially, this is a masterclass not to be missed.


How To Create 3D Lettering In Procreate

Jimbo and Tea from ShoutBam are an incredible duo with an extraordinary creative agency in Croatia that makes the world a whole lot more colourful.

Their unique style of design and lettering is a blend of super modern with antique and they really are one of a kind.

Renowned for the amazing amount of value they deliver, this workshop will be no exception with the pair taking you step by step through the process of creating impeccable 3D lettering.

Belinda Kou

How To Master Decorative Lettering

Energetic and colorful Belinda Kou is a skilled hand lettering artist and illustrator, and the ultimate creative storyteller, often drawing inspiration from food and beverages.

Learn how to spice up your lettering with this workshop, as Belinda takes you through techniques to help you master decorative lettering in Procreate.

Loveleigh Loops

The Fundamentals Of Digital Calligraphy

Having started sharing their passion and knowledge with others back in 2016 via YouTube tutorials and in 2017 branched out into in-person workshops, Jillian and Jordan of Loveleigh Loops are no strangers to teaching. Tens of thousands of students later and these two amazing ladies are transforming calligraphic skills around the globe.

Whether you don't know where to start or want to expand your skill set in digital calligraphy, this workshop will be perfect for you! The Duo will be sharing the core elements required to create beautiful calligraphic art.

Jesús Ramirez

A Guide To Compositing Techniques For Photoshop

As the host of the Photoshop Training Channel (PTC); a Photoshop resource site for beginners that has reached over 1million creatives, Jesus Ramirez is a superstar in the world of Photoshop education. As such it’s not unusual to find Jesus speaking at many of the biggest industry-related conferences worldwide.

Learn from the master himself in this workshop as he walks you through how to realistically combine multiple stock images into an incredible visual spectacle.

Pope Phoenix

How To Create A Vector Portrait In Illustrator

As a self-taught illustrator, art director, animator, and digital mercenary, Pope is known for designing beautiful vector art pieces with limited assets and unlimited imagination.

In his very distinctive style, in this workshop Pope demonstrates the steps needed to create a cool vector portrait that has real visual swagger.

Asha Mody

Packaging Design: Branding And Breaking Through The Competitive Clutter

Asha Mody of Mindsay Design has worked for over 10 years in the design industry, both in the U.S. and India, and draws on her authentic roots and international experience in her approach to clean, mindful design.

A packaging superstar, in this workshop she shares her knowledge and wisdom on packaging design, helping you understand what is required to really make a product stand out in a crowd.

Peggy Dean

How To Create Fun Vibrant 3D Lettering In Procreate

World renowned artist, best selling author and award winning educator Peggy Dean, founder of The Pigeon Letters is here to show you the art of art and empower you along your own journey.

As a self-taught artist, Peggy embraces imperfection and living out loud, and is passionate about helping artists explore their creativity and artistic vision.

Fun and vibrant are par for the course with any workshop delivered by Peggy and this one is no different. If you’re looking to learn with a light hearted approach, look no further.

Godwin Akpan

How To Use Photo Textures To Create An Epic Landscape

A self-taught concept artist and illustrator who's developed unbelievable skills in areas such as comic book illustration and character/environment design.

Godwin’s workshop focuses on concept art and delivers an array of techniques and tips to create stunning visuals that are second to none. Have your notepad at the ready.

James Martin

The Ultimate Guide To Managing Client Projects

With over 15 years of design under his belt, James Martin A.K.A Made By James and co-founder of successful creative agency Baby Giant Design Co. specialises in brand and logo creation - or "logo badassery" as James calls it.

During this workshop James will take you step by step through his process of managing a client project; dropping secrets like bread crumbs along the way, and if you follow it’ll transform how you handle a project for the better.

Scotty Russell

Time Management Tips for Creative Side Hustlers

The artist and designer behind Perspective-Collective; a business and podcast, Scotty Russell helps coach creatives through building profitable and fulfilling side hustles outside of their regular jobs.

For anyone who is always busy, but would love more time to create (possibly everyone), you’ll find this workshop packed full of helpful advice and techniques to overcome some of the common struggles; allowing you to give more to your side hustle with little compromise required.

Michael Janda

How to Qualify Clients and Choose the Right Opportunities for Your Business

Learning systems and strategies to help build your creative business is imperative and there’s no-one more qualified than Michael Janda to lead the way. As a creative leader, agency veteran, and best-selling author, Michael is committed to helping freelancers reach their commercial potential.

In this workshop, he will help you understand how to ensure you are choosing the right clients and opportunities, so your creative endeavours are profitable and worthwhile.

Gareth David

Create A 3D Chisel Type Poster Design Using Photoshop

As a freelance designer, content creator and creative consultant for over 14 years, Gareth is a skilled artist and an incredible teacher. For the past 8 years he has spent his time educating beginners via courses on YouTube and is known for his methodical and clear approach to help you understand exactly what needs to be done.

In this workshop Gareth is taking on poster design and breaking it down so anyone can achieve the outcome.

Addie Hanson

3 Ways To Illustrate a Tree Using Procreate

A self-confessed ‘full time dabbler’, Addie Hanson of Wooly Pronto has an extensive background in design and creative entrepreneurship ; helping other designers develop a passion for the process of creating.

In this workshop Addie will guide you from start to finish through the tools and techniques to create illustrative trees. Whether an illustrator or not, this will be a fun session to branch out and try something a little different!

Hank Washington

How To Animate Illustrations Using Photoshop And After Effects

Hank Washington (actually named Cornelius, but Hank was a nickname that stuck) has over 10 years' experience as an art director, designer and illustrator. Working with brands of all varieties including Fortune 500 and global brands, there’s little Hank hasn’t tackled in his field.

With an animation focus, this workshop is chock full of inspiration and tips and demonstrates real mastery in Photoshop and After Effects. Amateur or Pro, there’s something for everyone here.

Nathan Brown

How To Create A Realistic Watercolor Owl Painting

An artistic wizard, particularly when it comes to watercolor and mixed media Nathan Brown’s art is nothing short of stunning and really demonstrates the value he places on craftsmanship and quality. As a seasoned professional designer and illustrator for over 17 years, Nathan understands creatives and what they need better than anyone. This knowledge and insight has seen him create some of the most phenomenal design products in the marketplace.

Nathan has a real love for helping others develop and this can be seen not just through the products he creates, but also his teaching; packing a great deal of value into every lesson. This workshop is no different and you’ll be taken on an artistic journey to soaring heights with the process for creating a realistic owl. The sky’s the limit!

Teela Cunningham

How To Paint A Beautiful Bouquet In Procreate Using Gouache

The incredibly inspiring Teela Cunningham, a designer, educator and founder of Every Tuesday; an education resource for ambitious graphic designers and hand letterers, is a creative jewel.

Teela chose Tuesday as the name for her business because by Tuesday you’re over the pain of Monday and are feeling the most motivated within the week. Well... because Teela is so busy on a Tuesday we borrowed her for a Wednesday instead!

With a love for the elegant, this workshop fits the bill. Teela will show you the process of painting a bouquet using gouache. Join if you’re looking for a bloomin’ good lesson.

Dan Flores

How To Apply Vector Artwork To Product Mockups

Dan Flores (A.K.A DaCreativeGenius), is a multidisciplinary artist with over 20 years of experience in traditional and digital art! Dan leads a team of eclectic artists to help brands craft engaging visual experiences to tell a story in a variety of styles & media.

For those interested in product creation, in this workshop Dan, with the aid of a sneaker, will walk you through the process of creating vector illustrations specifically for application on product mockups.

Abbie Nurse

Digital Printing Techniques In Procreate

The Aussie illustrator, letterer, designer, and Procreate brush maker, Abbie Nurse from Uproot is a firm favourite of Procreate designers everywhere. Her talent and creativity is clear from her thriving creative business and she’s no stranger to providing inspirational learning content.

Tackling digital printing techniques in this workshop, Abbie will be sharing clear insights and direction to help you create the type of print you’re looking for.

Tamer Ghoneim

A Complete Guide To Creating Blacklettering In Procreate

An artist, instructor and entrepreneur, Tamer Ghoneim has a unique abstract style that he just loves to share; which is exactly how he started out.

In this workshop Tamer will take you through the fundamental steps involved in creating blacklettering, along with the tools required and the basic setup.

Molly Suber Thorpe

Lettering Flourishing Masterclass In Procreate

Having designed custom lettering and assets for brands and individuals around the world for over 10 years; working with clients including Google Arts & Culture, Martha Stewart and Lonely Planet, Molly Suber Thorpe is more than just a designer. She is also a published author (of calligraphy books of course) and has taught thousands of students through her pointed pen calligraphy workshops. And she has been featured in publications such as The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal and Buzzfeed.

So really who better to provide a masterclass on the flourish?! Within this workshop you’ll learn all the tricks of the trade to add a little pizzazz to your lettering.

Ian Barnard

Experimental Lettering In Procreate

Ian Barnard is a talented hand lettering artist and calligrapher, social media sensation and co-host of The Honest Designers podcast.

Ian's career has seen him hand lettering for the likes of Speedo and Hellmann's Mayonnaise - luckily not together, but now Ian spends most of his time creating lettering pieces for social media, as well as making and selling Procreate brushes.

With a passion for inspiring, entertaining and helping people to get better at their lettering skills, in this workshop you’ll learn a range of different lettering styles all smuggled into a single session; who doesn’t love an experiment?!

Debi Sementelli

How to Embellish Your Digital Lettering

Long-time lettering artist, font designer, and more recently product creator, Debi Sementelli, is a natural teacher, providing regular classes to help creatives develop and hone their skills.

In this workshop Debi takes us through her approach to embellishment, taking a lettering piece from ‘good’ to ‘goodness that’s incredible’ with a few additions.

Anna Aspnes

Creating Beautiful Scrapbooking Compositions In Photoshop

One of the biggest names in the digital scrapbooking world. Anna Aspnes has been visually storytelling and designing digital artistry resources for over 17 years. As such, Anna is a master at creating dynamic scrapbooking pieces.

In this workshop Anna will let you in on some of her secrets to compositing and the art of creating incredible scrapbooking pages.

Leslie Nicole

How To Combine Textures And photography Using Lightroom And Photoshop

Leslie Nicole is an American photographer and designer, with a fine art background, living in France and the founder of French Kiss Collections, a digital design resource specialising in Fine Art textures.

Leslie's inspiration comes from her love of photographing details of French walls and stone, and combing flea markets to find materials to put into the textures and brushes, as well as the natural environment.

Join us on a journey through photography and textures, mixed with design software, leading to the creation of an exquisite piece of art.

Colin Smith

Photo Manipulation Masterclass In Photoshop

Nominated twice for the Photoshop Hall Of Fame, Colin Smith is a legend in the design industry. Both a best-selling author and award-winning digital artist; his Photoshop art has created waves across the sector, but it doesn’t end there...

Colin is the founder of PhotoshopCAFE, one of the world's biggest Photoshop resource sites, which makes him a globally renowned expert in the techniques he will be sharing in this workshop.

Sit back and soak in the value Colin delivers with all the tips and techniques he shares to create the ultimate composite.

Khara Plicanic

How To Create Mandalas In Photoshop Using Symmetry Tools

As a camera slinging design geek and Photoshop nerd (her words), Khara Plicanic is helping creatives up their game with inspiration and know-how. She's also an award-winning photographer and author of books like "The Enthusiast's Guide to Composition" and "Getting Started in Digital Photography".

But in this workshop Khara takes us on an entirely new path showing the art of creating mandalas and walking you through the symmetry tools you can use in Photoshop.

Denise Love

Shooting And Editing Still Life Photography With Lightroom

The immensely creative Denise Love, founder of 2 Lil Owls, is a photographer, teacher, artist and creative and is passionate about helping others pursue their love of art.

Denise's photography is regularly featured in prominent magazines so who better to share her tips and tricks for shooting and editing amazing still life photos?! During this workshop Denise explains and demonstrates lighting, overlays and more.

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